Welcome to the 2019 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Exhibition!

We are coming off of a very successful conference in Colorado Springs last year where we celebrated our 40th IIAR Annual Conference. This year we are pleased to return to Phoenix after many years. The last time we were here was in 1981 and the conference, our organization and our industry looked very different. At that time, we were only focused on industrial ammonia refrigeration, and we had just begun the work to create a suite of industry safety standards and technical publications. We have come such a long way since then!

Recently, we have added the Academy of Natural Refrigerants to provide education and credentialing for our members. As well as focusing on our mission to support all natural refrigerants for our industry. Also, through our partnership with NASRC, our members will also have the opportunity to participate in a dual track of technical programs to address both the commercial and industrial sectors of our industry.

All of that work starts here, at our annual conference through the hard work and dedication of our committee members. So how can you participate in this great mission of ours? Two words … get involved!

The work of our committees is really the cornerstone of our institute and activities. I’d like to use this message to not only welcome you to this year’s conference, but also to encourage you to find a committee whose work you can participate in and become passionate about.

Once again, in 2019 we have a record level of support from our sponsors and members with an outstanding exhibit hall. With more technical presentations than ever before, more exhibitors in non-heavy equipment conference than we have had in past conferences, and a great turnout from registered attendees.

This year includes our Energy Efficiency program that has already attracted many registrants and will help us to continue to bring timely, useful advancements in the industry to our members.

In order to stay connected, please take a moment to download the IIAR Conference App. It continues to be updated to provide you with more services and improve your overall conference experience. The App will allow you to access:

  • Conference Maps & Event Schedules
  • Direct Communications with Attendees
  • Daily IIAR Event Updates
  • And, an improved QR information retrieval system

Monday night we will continue the tradition of kicking off the conference with an evening out to network with your industry colleagues and spend time with friends. This year it will be held at the “Duce,” this is an eclectic venue that is as retro as it is modern. Attendees will enjoy unique food stations, beverages, and entertainment. Please refer to your conference guide or the conference App for more details of this fun, entertaining evening.

It is with great gratitude that I want to thank our staff and executive committee that have dedicated a lot of time and effort to ensure your conference experience is the best if can possibly be this year.

Our conference keeps growing every year, and if you’re a longtime IIAR member, welcome back. If you’re new here, I hope you enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of your colleagues.

Welcome to Phoenix and enjoy the conference!

Best Regards,

Dave Schaefer,
2019 Conference Chair