President’s Message by Dave Rule

Throughout this edition of the Condenser, you’ll see a common theme: Progress. Over the past few months, IIAR, and the ammonia refrigeration industry as a whole, have experienced several signs of promise and growth. From gaining recognition as the go-to-resource for the ammonia refrigeration industry; to building new partnerships across the country and the world; to growing awareness that ammonia is an environmentally and economically friendly refrigerant, I couldn’t be more excited about where IIAR – and the industry as a whole – are heading.

One of the most exciting signs of promise I’ll point to is the rewrite of IIAR-2, the IIAR standard which governs the installation, inspection, and maintenance of ammonia refrigeration systems. The rewrite will establish the standard as the primary reference guide for ammonia refrigeration systems. The standard, which we update every five years and are currently in the midst of rewriting, provides a comprehensive framework of standards for design, operation, and maintenance of a closed loop ammonia refrigeration system.

As we work to expand and rewrite the standard, we are also working to better meet the needs of our members on a daily basis. Many have requested online access to IIAR publications and training materials. At headquarters, we are exploring various options that would enable them to purchase publications online through a subscription program.

While our publications and training materials serve as valuable resources for our members, so do our conferences. March will be here before we know it, and at headquarters, we are already preparing for IIAR’s Annual Conference, which will be held in Nashville March 23 to 26. Nashville offers a central location and is easily accessible to members across the country, and around the world. We invite all to take advantage of this unique opportunity to network with the leaders in our industry. This year’s conference attendees will have a chance to hear from industry leaders, learn about the latest technology developments, and observe new products in action. The conference will also feature a heavy equipment show, and a number of major manufacturers and suppliers have already indicated they will be bringing new products and introducing new services at the exhibit hall. Safety and government regulations will also take center stage at the conference, and attendees will hear from industry experts regarding how to ensure OSHA compliance, and how to best prepare for an audit, should one head your way.

Despite all the exciting signs of promise happening at headquarters and across the industry, it must be said that there are still many challenges we face. A big one: safety. While safety overall has improved dramatically over the past few years, safety issues continue to crop up regularly throughout the world. Often, such issues are simply due to lack of education. That’s why one of my top priorities moving forward is to continue building up IIAR’s membership base, both here and internationally.

Working closely with the international committee and its chairman, Paul Bishop, the IIAR’s alliance programs have continued to increase the organization’s influence as we build sound relationships around the world.

These successes are a reflection of the strong involvement of our membership and a renewed enthusiasm to make IIAR the primary source of technical information, safety standards and effective advocacy for the use of natural refrigerants in industrial refrigeration.

Looking forward, I see an opportunity to continue to build on these strategic initiatives and expand the organization’s leadership in promoting the safe and efficient use of ammonia and other natural refrigerants.

Meanwhile, we continue to work with the new government relations committee, pursuing a number of new initiatives designed to strengthen our advocacy programs and ensure that IIAR members are informed of pending legislation and trends in government activities as they develop.

The more individuals we can reach, the more knowledge we can share and spread throughout the world. I’m look forward to seeing IIAR grow in the coming months, and to seeing our industry continue to expand in positive ways thanks to the hard work of our members.