President’s Message by Dave Rule

Throughout this edition of the Condenser, you’ll see a common theme: change. New technologies are opening the door to new types of customers and applications for ammonia and other natural refrigerants.

The next decade will bring new markets, new regulations and new reasons that participating as an IIAR member is one of the most important things you can do for your business and your industry.

I couldn’t be more excited about where this organization is heading, and I’m going to use my column here this month to issue a challenge to the IIAR membership. If you are already an IIAR member, I encourage you to take a new look at the wide range of membership benefits you’re receiving and get involved in actively recruiting your friends and colleagues who are not yet a part of IIAR.

As an IIAR member, it is your involvement and input within this industry that is the sole force that moves us all forward. Whether it’s exploring new technology or new practices, increasing communication with regulatory agencies or developing cutting edge resources like safety training and standards, we can’t do any of it without you.

For non-members reading this column, your decision to become an IIAR member strengthens the voice of our community and gives you a way to put your vital experience to work. IIAR is already taking the lead in the regulatory activities and standards development that will ultimately define the safety and efficiency of our technology, and we need you to get involved.

As a community, we’re made up of companies and individuals that use ammonia and other natural refrigerants in food production and cold storage; manufacturers and distributors who supply products for the industry; academics; and engineers who provide essential design and support services.

Regardless of the group to which you belong, if you are a member of the natural refrigerant community, you have an opportunity and a responsibility to utilize all the resources available to ensure that your refrigeration systems are designed and maintained with the highest safety standards available and in compliance with the industry and regulatory standards.

Each dollar invested in IIAR membership represents an investment in our industry. As an IIAR member, you are providing the support needed for your association to continue to develop the safety standards, technical publications, training materials and regulatory advocacy programs upon which we all depend.

If you don’t already have a library of IIAR publications in your office, now is a good time to take another look at the extensive resources we’ve produced over the years. Meanwhile, IIAR will continue the momentum started this year at our conference with several new member tools and services.

For the end-user and regulatory communities, our designated website portals will be expanded to include a new webinar safety training series and access to essential industry standards and training materials. And to facilitate easy website access for all IIAR Members, I’m excited to announce that a new IIAR member app will be introduced in just a few months. As an industry, our passion and dedication for what we do easily translates into the kind of “can do” attitude that affects real change in our world.

That attitude is always on display at our annual conference, but it’s just as evident in the hard work of our committees and the increased level of participation between IIAR and regulatory agencies like OSHA, EPA and DHS.

The bottom line when it comes to IIAR membership is simple: your voice matters. As an IIAR member, you are closest to the operations and procedures that define how we all do business.

I’m confident that IIAR members are better equipped than any other group to advance our common goals and define a new business and regulatory landscape in the years to come.

I’ll end this month’s column with a challenge to IIAR members and non-members alike. This year, become your industry’s best advocate by taking an active role in the work of your IIAR organization.

It’s never been a more exciting time to be a part of IIAR. As your president, I’m looking forward to new projects and a new level of participation during this membership year. With your help and hard work, IIAR and our industry is poised for unprecedented growth. n