President’s Message by Gary Schrift

In this issue of the Condenser, we’re looking at how IIAR’s mission continues to shape the world of refrigeration, even as that world is constantly shifting. From our standards writing efforts to new training program development, the task of influencing and even guiding regulatory activity so that it keeps pace with new technology and an ever-evolving business landscape – falls to us.

These constant evolutions and re-evaluations extend even to our own organization, its membership structure, and IIAR’s plans for the future.

It’s no surprise to anyone that the world has changed in unforeseeable ways since late 2019. Everything from the way we do business to the ways we meet, even to the ways we try to hold on to practices that worked in the past, and need a new place in the present, has changed.

That’s why your IIAR Strategic Planning committee and Membership Task Force members have been evaluating the IIAR membership structure since last year, searching for ways to make the organization more relevant and accessible to members than ever before.

As your IIAR president, I’m happy to report that your Board of Directors voted to change IIAR’s membership structure at the most recent board meeting held on October 7, 2021.

All changes to membership fees, benefits, and structure will begin with next fiscal year’s membership which begins July 1, 2022

Moving forward, IIAR’s membership will include access to a broader range of benefits and services. Starting next fiscal year, payment of your membership fee will now include one Academy of Natural Refrigerants online training class per year; one online training video per year; online access to the content recorded from our in-person IIAR annual conference, including technical sessions, workshops, and technomercials; and downloads of all IIAR’s standards.

As a membership group, I’m especially proud of our ongoing performance on important initiatives like standards development and this year’s significant change in IIAR’s membership structure

The next substantial change includes the addition of group membership fees. Membership will start with a standard $1,000 fee for the first member from a company, who will also be the voting member. From there, a $2,000 fee will include five full individual memberships from the same company, 1 voting, 4 associate members. A $4,000 fee includes 10 memberships, $6000 includes 15 memberships, $8000 includes 20 memberships and a $10,000 fee provides 25 full memberships and with the option to add additional full memberships at $100 per person for as many members
from the same company as possible. All members, voting or associate will have access to the online training content of ANR classes, videos, and conference technical presentations noted above. For academics, students, retired, code groups, insurance companies, and regulatory agencies the individual membership fee will be $100. 

I hope that these substantial changes will give our smaller IIAR member companies a positive incentive to add their employees who would like to participate in IIAR, as
well as encourage everyone to take advantage of the new level of broader access to IIAR’s standards, training, and educational materials.

After implementing the change to IIAR’s membership structure, your Board of Directors and IIAR staff are tackling several key initiatives for the coming year. With the release of IIAR-2 2021, which you will read about in this issue, there has been an outpouring of questions and clarifications requested on the newly updated standard. Our standards committee is already reviewing these requests and is off to the races in formulating responses. Next up will be the update of IIAR-1 and IIAR-3 as well as the development of a new hydrocarbon standard.

As a membership group, I’m especially proud of our ongoing performance on important initiatives like standards development and this year’s significant change in IIAR’s membership structure. Both will serve to advance our influence and enthusiasm for what we do every day. These are significant steps forward for our industry in our mission to improve regulatory guidance and the general level of safety in all our facilities.

I’m looking forward to continuing that mission when we return to IIAR’s annual conference in Savannah, Georgia, this coming year. And as always, you, as an IIAR member, represent the experience and institutional knowledge that keep our facilities, operators, and the public safe. Your participation and membership are vitally important. See you all in Savannah!