IIAR Opens Search for New ARF Executive Director

The International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration is looking for a new executive director for the Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation to lead the non-profit research and education organization toward continued growth and expansion.

“Having the right person in that role is critical,” said Bob Port, ARF chairman. “We will be reaching our goal for the endowment fund in the next year or two and we need to be utilizing the money that is available to fund research and scholarships under the leadership of a new Executive Director.”

ARF’s mission is to support research and educational efforts in industrial refrigeration, particularly in the area of ammonia and natural refrigerants. ARF also funds industry scholarship programs and recognizes outstanding contributors to the industrial refrigeration profession.

“We’re at a point now where we can commit to research projects year in and year out and we’re driving toward developing an on-going, sustainable scholarship program,” Port said.

Tim Facius led ARF as executive director for the past two years, providing exceptional leadership during a time when the foundation’s endowment increased from $1.3 million to $2 million. In addition to expanding ARF’s activities and fundraising, Facius served as an invaluable resource for IIAR and was a motivating factor in the foundation’s growth, said Port.

“Tim gave the foundation direction,” Port said. “We need another person like him to step up and be that kind of leader, someone who will continue to drive our important goals forward.”

The executive director position is a volunteer position, and requires a two-year commitment of approximately ten hours per week. Key responsibilities include working with the ARF Board of Trustees to identify high-level donor prospects and to execute fundraising campaigns; working with IIAR staff to communicate the foundation’s mission to IIAR membership and the ARF board; overseeing financial management of the foundation; and coordinating monthly meetings of the ARF board.

“The foundation is in an extremely healthy condition,” Facius said. “Our $2 million endowment gives us a solid base and the flexibility to pursue the kind of research projects we feel are important. There are also a lot of exciting things happening on the education side. We want the scholarship piece to be a bigger part of our overall work. We’re moving towards a new scholarship program, which would mean more of a balance between scientific research and bringing in young talent to the industry.” Facius said he is proud to have installed structure, discipline, procedures and documentation in the operations of the foundation during his term. “It positions us for a smooth hand-off to new leadership,” he said.

“The leadership is really multifaceted, from the chairman to the board to the trustees to my part as executive director, to the support IIAR has provided,” he said. “It’s all that coming together as a team that has made the foundation what it is today.

“For me, it’s been a very rewarding experience and an exciting way to give back to the industry for such an important cause. The concept of funding research and drawing in new talent is a real and tangible way that IIAR and ARF can better the industry that we’re working in.” ARF said in a recent report that it hopes to have a new executive director in place by June. 

IIAR members interested in volunteering for the ARF Executive Director role should contact Bob Port, ARF Chairman at 402-240-5906, via email at bob_port@conagrafoods.com or IIAR President Dave Rule at 703-312- 4200, via email at dave_rule@iiar.org.