IIAR Heavy Equipment Show

The International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration’s 39th annual conference will provide four days of technical knowledge, networking and industry-sponsored events for those involved in the ammonia and natural refrigeration industry. The conference begins on Sunday, February 26, and concludes Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

The Sunday Education Program will focus on the application of “Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices” (RAGAGEP) in both new and older systems. This program is designed to educate people on the required documentation for the Process Safety Information element of PSM/RMP regulations as well as the application of RAGAGEP for new and existing facilities.

“It will cover the application of recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices and how they apply to regulated facilities as well as general duty clause facilities,” said Eric Smith, technical director and vice president of IIAR.

In addition to providing an overview of PSM/RMP, the session will cover PSI documentation, including RAGAGEP, grandfathering, building codes and conflicts in RAGAGEP requirements.

The Sunday Education Program will also include application of ANSI/IIAR standards and bulletins, and attendees will receive continuing education credits for their participation.

There will also be in-depth coverage of technical issues that have changed over time or caused confusion, as well as examples of things not to do or issues that have resulted in citations.

Richard Worzel, a futurist and a professional member of the World Future Society, will offer the conference’s keynote address. Worzel is known for helping corporations and industry associations plan for the future and changes to come.

Ten workshops will take place during the conference. Tim Edwards from the Australian Refrigeration Association is scheduled to discuss the markets for natural versus synthetic refrigerants in Australia and some of the advantages and pitfalls. Richard Cerenzio with ISN will present on best-in-class contractor management. “He will essentially provide guidance to those who use contractors and subcontractors on their worksites — how to qualify them, how to manage them and how to direct them,” Smith said.

As part of the workshops, Donny Pierce from Clemons Food Group will present problems and solutions for an existing pork processing facility. Chris Carter of Nestle Dryers Ice Cream will discuss saving time and dollars with oil filtration. Bill Lape from Dean Foods will present on how to conduct a proper process hazard analysis. Tom Wolgamot from DC Engineering will discuss commercial refrigeration considerations when using natural refrigerant system designs.

During the workshops, Liz Whiteley of the North American Sustainable Refrigerants Council will lead a session introducing the group and discussing its goals. Harshal Surange of ACR Project Consultants will discuss the essentials of a green cold chain facility, and Mark Bulmer of GF Piping Systems will lead a workshop on indirect refrigeration hydraulic loops. There will also be a workshop presented by Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc. which will instruct companies and individuals alike on how to invest wisely for an uncertain future.

The IIAR Conference & Heavy Equipment Expo will also feature a panel of government officials, including representatives from the Occupational Safety Health Administration, Environmental Protection Administration and the Department of Homeland Security. “They’ll be providing information on the latest rulemaking and enforcement efforts,” Smith said.

A core feature of the conference is the presentation of technical papers, and nine will be presented this year.

Dave Rule, President of IIAR, said the conference will feature a full array of committee meetings, which will address upcoming priorities and work. Committee meetings are open to committee members as well as to those who would like to sit in as visitors. Being a part of the meetings allows members to observe which topics are being addressed and the industry’s top issues. The conference will also feature international committee meetings that bring people together from all parts of the world.

To give speakers and presenters an opportunity to share more about their businesses and new product technology, the conference includes a technomercial program, which provides a slightly more commercial aspect than other sessions. This year there are 12 half-hour technomercials, which will be held on the Exhibit Hall floor both Monday and Tuesday. Each session will last 30 minutes and includes a question and answer period.

Attendees will have an opportunity to connect with their peers through a number of networking opportunities, including the chairman’s event and exhibitors’ reception, in which members from all sectors of the industry come together to socialize and exchange ideas on what is going on through the industry.

The closing forum will address hot topics within the industry. “We will cover emergency response, operational containment, high pressure cut out testing and dual stamping of vessels,” Smith said. “There is not a clear-cut approach to any of these topics, and we hope that the audience will consider these topics and provide feedback to the panelists.”

Register for the conference online at www.iiar.org/ Events