IIAR Announces Awards for Presentation Excellence

Each year, some of the best minds and top talent in the industrial and commercial refrigeration industry gather from around the world at the IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Expo. These experts present technical papers at the IIAR Technical Program in conjunction with this event, and each year the best, most informative presenters are honored with awards of excellence. Below are 2019’s recipients.


Chris Herzog, Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Partners Pete Lepschat, Henningsen Cold Storage Company For their Technical Paper presentation: “Operating Cost Comparison Between Transcritical CO2 and Ammonia Recirculation Systems in a Cold Storage Warehouse”

In their presentation, Herzog and Lepschat examined operating costs of two similar cold storage facilities: one with a modern and efficient recirculated-NH3 system, the other with a transcritical CO2 system. Their analysis included utility costs and other operating costs such as insurance, maintenance, personnel, compliance, water, chemical, and drainage were reviewed.


Gildardo Yañez Angli, Bohn De Mexico For his technical paper presentation: “Regulation of synthetic refrigerants for Latin America” Yanez Angli’s presentation analyzed why and how the air conditioning and refrigeration sector should adapt to global changes and revisit the safe use of natural refrigerants and new refrigerants that can replace the synthetic refrigerants. Natural refrigerants have the lowest potential for global contamination. This means that we should harmonize efficiency in the energy consumption and security steps. There is also a new generation of refrigerants that includes flammable refrigerants, toxic refrigerants, and refrigerants of the highest pressure of operation.


Tristam Coffin, Whole Foods Market Keilly Witman, KW Refrigerant Management Strategy Tom Wolgamot, DC Engineering For their Commercial Technical Paper Presentation: “Case Study: The First Commercial Propane/Carbon Dioxide Cascade Refrigeration System in North America”

In 2016, Whole Foods Market opened the first, and to date the only U.S. installation of a supermarket that uses a propane/CO2 cascade rack system.

This session outlined the regulatory approval processes, the journey from system concept to final product installation, and the operations and maintenance performance to date. In addition, they included details on the multiple safety features built into the system, leak rate history, energy use, refrigerant cost, and service technician experience.

These and many more technical papers on a variety of topics are available for IIAR members to view digitally through the IIAR eLibrary in the members only section of the IIAR website. Information on how to submit a technical paper for next year’s conference can also be found on IIAR’s website or by calling the office at 703-312-4200.