AAIM Controls 

From starters and drives to PLC systems and microprocessor designs, AAIM Controls has the expertise for all your automation requirements with over 90 years of combined refrigeration controls

A. Blasquez E. Refrigeración Industrial S.A. de C.V.

A. Blasquez E. Refrigeraciòn (ABE) is the largest ammonia refrigeration contractor company in Latin America, specializing in refrigeration systems for breweries, beverages, food and cold storage industries. ABE, your refrigeration partner in Mexico.


Acuren’s industry-leading mechanical integrity services for ammonia refrigeration systems include Corrosion Under Insulation Scanning (CUI), Computerized Radiography (CR), API Tank and Vessel Inspections, and our exclusive inspection data management system, DMAPS.

Advanced Energy Control 

AEC is a refrigeration and energy management controls company to the cold storage and food processing industries that provides the most comprehensive energy management systems on the market today.

Airfoil Impellers

Cast aluminum fan blades, machine room exhaust fans, product cooler fans, blast freezer fans, and general ventilation fans.

Airgas Specialty Products 

Airgas Specialty Products offers anhydrous ammonia, pump-outs, field service, safety video, safety training, and Cold Flow Sampler (for determining water in ammonia).

Alfa Laval 

Manufacturer and supplier of semiwelded plate heat exchangers, gasketed heat exchangers and 100% stainless steel fusion-bonded heat exchangers for applications as condensers, evaporators, oil coolers, and economizers.

American Industrial Refrigeration (AIR) 

AIR is your premier industrial refrigeration contractor; a division of Corval Group, Inc. AIR has been providing design/Build engineering and installation, customized packaging skids, superior quality shop fabrication, parts and field service technicians across the U.S. and International markets since 1978.

Ammonia Process Safety Management (APSM) 

APSM provides PSM software and services for effective compliance management.

Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation (ARF)

ARF is a non-profit research and education foundation organized by members of the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) to promote educational and scientific projects related to industrial refrigeration and the use of ammonia and other natural refrigerants.

Analytical Technology, Inc. 

ATI designs and manufactures a complete line of ammonia gas detectors both fixed and portable and additionally gas detectors for 32 other toxic and combustible gases.

Armstrong International, Inc.

Armstrong provides intelligent system solutions that improve utility performance, lower energy consumption, and reduce environmental emissions while providing an “enjoyable experience.”

Ashworth Bros, Inc. 

Ashworth is the world’s largest manufacturer of conveyer belting and offers 24-7-365 nationwide service on every brand of spiral freezer including self-stacking. Emergency repairs, reconfiguration, relocation, refurbishments, upgrades, and preventative maintenance programs.


ASTI was established in 1991, in recognition of the long standing need for training in the safe handling of ammonia, a chemical used widely throughout many areas of industry and agriculture. ASTI offers training in accordance with OSHA Standard 1910.120(q) – emergency response to hazardous substance releases.

Bacharach, Inc. 

Fixed, continuous monitors for the detection of gases including ammonia, CO, CO2, CFCs, HFCs, CH4, and more featuring multiple alarm, sensor and relay configurations. From one to 64 points, the units are ideal for chillers, walk-in freezers, public spaces, physical plants in commercial and industrial applications

Baker Inspection Group, LLC .

Mechanical Integrity and Process Safety Management Consulting; Testing & Inspection, NDT.

Baltimore Aircoil Company

BAC is a worldwide manufacturer of heat transfer and ice thermal storage products. BAC’s products include evaporative condensers, cooling towers, closed circuit cooling towers, ice thermal storage systems and equipment controls.

Bitzer Canada, Inc. 

Direct Drive Screw Compressors with displacements ranging from 59 to 377 CFM. OS85 series includes slider control for infinite or stepped capacity control. Optimized for parallel compounding.

Calibration Technologies

Calibration Technologies is a manufacturer of gas detection equipment, specializing in Ammonia. CTI’s engineers and technicians have over 30 years of experience in system design, sales, and field service. Calibration Technologies provides detection for NH3, CO2, CO, H2S, H2, O2, CH4, R22 and more in a variety of industries including cold storage, food processing, sea vessels, chemical plants, and many others.

CAMCO Lubricants 

Nationally known for both the CAMCO 717 series ammonia refrigeration oil and for high-quality food-grade lubes for all air compressors, gear, hydraulic, vacuum, and grease applications.

Carnot Refrigeration, Inc. 

Carnot Refrigeration designs and manufactures state-of-the-art customized systems using environmentally friendly methods. It specializes in refrigeration systems for supermarkets, refrigerated warehouses, and arenas.

Century Refrigeration, a division of RAE Corporation 

Century Refrigeration is the leader in Comdustrial™ Refrigeration Systems: The ideal balance of commercial and industrial refrigeration markets. We offer flexibility in design surrounded by durability in construction

Chester-Jensen CO., Inc. 

Chester-Jensen manufactures air agitated ice builders, instant chillers, plate heat exchangers and other heat transfer equipment.

CIMCO Refrigeration . 

CIMCO Refrigeration specializes in the engineering, design, manufacture, installation, and service of industrial, process cooling, and recreational refrigeration systems. With key locations across North America and around the world, we provide unique cooling solutions to meet our client’s needs.

Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Inc.

From its newly opened second factory in Illinois, Colmac is supplying its Aircoil™ and custom aluminum, stainless, and galvanized steel evaporators to Midwest and Eastern markets.

Concepts and Designs, Inc. 

Concepts and Designs is a premier supplier of dehumidification systems for humidity and condensation control. Dehumidification provides a permanent solution to avoid contamination hazards in compliance with USDA, zero tolerance.

Cool Air Incorporated 

For over 30-years, Cool Air Incorporated has provided quality ammonia leak detection systems and equipment. Please review our new website @ www. coolairinc.com for all of our product line and calibration videos.

Cornell Pump Company ………. Booth #500 Cornell Pump presents the latest innovations in refrigerant pumps including their new high-pressure, low-speed 2.5 CBH. Cornell also manufactures high quality glycol and chiller pumps.

Cyrus Shank Company

The Cyrus Shank Company manufactures and sells industry-leading relief valves and other products for the refrigeration industry such as relief valves, shut-off valves, bolted bonnet shut-off valves, flanged valves, expansion valves, needlepoint valves, check valves, three-way valves, line valves, purge valves, manifolds, brass valves, etc.


Danfoss’ complete line of refrigeration valves and electronic controllers includes assembled valve stations in one shared housing and weld-in motorized, solenoid and control valves designed to 754 ps

Delta Tee International, Inc. 

Delta Tee manufactures heat exchangers, pressure vessels and systems, complete capabilities in designing and manufacturing shell and tube heat exchangers for refrigeration, air conditioning, chem-process, food and other applications.

DHS, NPPD, Office of Infrastructure Protection

The Department of Homeland Security Chemical Sector works with critical infrastructure partners on a voluntary basis to develop, coordinate, an implement programs to increase chemical facility protection and resilience. The Chemical Sector and the products it produces are essential to many facets of modern life including a safe water supply, energy production, increased food production, housing, health care, computer technology, and transportation.

Digital Lumens, Inc.

The digital Lumens LED-based Intelligent Lighting System is proven to reduce warehouse and cold storage facilities’ lighting electricity expenses up to 90% while improving light levels.

Draeger Safety 

Draeger offers a full line of fire and gas detection equipment for the ammonia industry. The DraegerSensor is the foundation for success in the ammonia industry market. With the new Flame 5000, Draeger can now provide a full safety system covering flame and gas detection.

DualTemp Companies

Providers in the finest of design, construction, installation, service, and supplies for the industrial refrigeration market. Dual-Temp also provides equipment, training, and supplies to meet all your safety requirements.

Duna-USA, Inc. 

PUR + PIR nsulation EcoClear ………… Booth#723 EcoClear, a GPM company, is an environmental cleaning company specializing in HVAC and facilities cleaning that promotes surface hygiene protection of energy savings of commercial, manufacturing and processing facilities.


EVAPCO is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of industrial refrigeration system components. A broad line of ammonia air unit evaporators, critical process air systems, evaporative condensers, water treatment systems, packaged recirculators, pressure vessels, hydrocooling coils, and ice builders can shipped from one of 19 manufacturing facilities in 9 countries around the world. With an on-going commitment to Research and Development, EVAPCO provides the most advanced products in the industryTomorrow’s Technology… Available Today!

Extol of Ohio, Inc. 

Extol fabricates and distributes STYROFOAM™, isocyanurate, cellular glass, perlite, and phenolic insulation for piping equipment. Complete valve system, contoured heads, fittings, PVC, aluminum, vapor, and weather barrier caulks and coatings. Extol also provides specification assistance. Extol offers materials for refrigeration chilled water, steam, and process systems.

Farley’s S.R.P., Inc. 

Our Mission: To support and provide the highest quality of parts, equipment and service while offering very competitive prices. All delivered efficiently by friendly, qualified personnel with “Farley’s personal touch service guarantee” Providing “Getability” Since 1978.

Frick by Johnson Controls 

A full line of refrigeration equipment for most applications. Rotary Screw Compressor Packages and PacChillers with Variable Speed Drive, Condensers, Evaporators, AcuAir Hygienic Air Handlers, Vessels, Controls, and Replacement Parts.

Gamma Graphics Services 

Gamma Graphics provides nondestructive testing (NDT) services on ammonia refrigeration piping. We are able to identify corrosion on wet or saturated insulation without having to cute holes or breach the vapor barrier on piping in any way. We also provide conventional ultrasonic inspection services on ammonia vessels.

Garden City Ammonia Program (GCAP) 

Garden City Ammonia Program, known as GCAP, has been providing education for the industrial ammonia refrigeration & boiler operator for efficiency, safety, and compliance is nine years old. Our Ammonia Boot Camp, National Emphasis Program, and the New Process Safety Management Training are the newest in the industry. Our private technical school has CO2, Ammonia, and Boiler equipment for hands-on training.

Garden City Community College (GCCC)

Ammonia Refrigeration, Boiler, PSM/ RMP, Adv RETA Prep, “Hands-On” Ammonia Refrigeration training since 1996, 4 1/2 Day Format–Earn College Credit–Degree Opportunities Conforms to OSHA & EPA regulations.

GEA Refrigeration North America, Inc. 

GEA Refrigeration North America, Inc. manufactures and markets GEA FES, GEA Aerofreeze and GEA Intec industrial refrigeration and freezing equipment for the North American markets. Products include rotary screw and reciprocating compressor packages, spiral, tunnel and carton freezing equipment, custom engineered refrigeration systems, heat exchangers and advanced microprocessor controls.

GEA PHE Systems 

GEA PHE Systems- manufacturer of FlatPlate® heat exchangers perfect for ammonia refrigeration applications with flow rate up to 1,645 tons. Products meet ASME/CRN requirements, manufactured in York, PA.

GF Piping Systems

COOL-FIT® ABS Plus is complete preinsulated plastic piping system for glycol and secondary cooling piping systems. It is UV resistant, vapor-tight, and 100% water-tight and requires minimum installation time.

GfG Instrumentation 

GfG Instrumentation develops and manufactures portable gas detectors, fixed systems, and respiratory airline monitors; protection from combustibles, oxygen hazards, and toxic gases.

H.A. Phillips & Co

We manufacture valves, level eye sight glasses, liquid level controls, ASME pressure vessels, gas pressure recirculation systems, and mechanical pump recirculator packages. We also distribute Danfoss valves and controls.

Hansen Technologies 

Hansen Technologies offers innovative industrial refrigeration solutions to meet your application needs, including: multivalve stations, control, shut-off, pressurerelief and solenoid valves, regulators, pumps, auto-purgers, level controls and safety detection systems. HCR Division

Jamison Door Company 

HCR/Jamison Door will feature HCR Air Door Technology and BMP Rollup Door.

Hench Control, Inc.

Hench Control is a manufacturer and service provider of modular energy management systems for industrial refrigeration which quantifiably cut energy cost, improve profitability, and significantly reduce the CO2 footprint for the environment.

Henry Technologies

Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Chillers, Pressure Vessels & HVAC/Refrigeration Components. Henry Technologies Ltd. takes pride in providing high quality HEX / PV to our global partners in industrial and commercial applications. Customer Satisfaction, Quality Designs, Product Quality and On Time Deliveries are our primary goals. Let Henry Technologies Ltd. be a partner to your future successes.

Hermetic Pumps, Inc. 

Hermetic Pumps has over 40 years experience in handling refrigerants in canned motor pumps and has over 50,000 units installed. Hermetic is the only manufacturer that offers a canned motor pump specifically designed for refrigerants.


HillPHOENIX specializes in the design and manufacturing of halocarbon, carbon dioxide transcritical and secondary refrigeration systems for commercial warehousing and industrial refrigeration applications.

Honeywell Analytics

Honeywell Analytics manufactures the industry’s most complete range of monitoring instrumentation for ammonia and other refrigerant gases. We offer fixed-install units (Manning), portable services, controllers, service/support second to none.

Howden Compressors, Inc. 

Howden Compressors offers the most complete range of screw compressors available in the world for virtually any compressor application- refrigeration to gas reliquification, gas compression or cryogenics, and more.

Industrial Consultants, LLC

Industrial Consultants- your compliance connection for OSHA and EPA related training and services including HAZMAT, refrigeration, PSM/RMP, lockout/tagout, confined space, and incident command.

Industrial Refrigeration Technical College

Industrial Refrigeration Technical College (IRTC) training lab features VFD compressors, Quantum, G-Force micro’s, VFD condenser, VFD evaporators, hygienic unit, liquid recirculation, thermosyphon oil cooling, plate chiller, autopurger, and PLC controls.

Industrial Service & Fabricators, Inc.

Industrial Service & Fabricators custom designs and fabricates pressure vessels, tanks, and liquid recirculator assemblies. Products include recirculators, receiver intercoolers, accumulators, surge drums, and oil pots.

Innovative Refrigeration Systems

Innovative Refrigeration Systems specializes in customized turnkey industrial refrigeration systems. We design and build computer-controlled ammonia refrigeration, large tonnage Freon systems, and large CO2 systems for the cold storage and food process markets.

Insul-Therm International, Inc. 

Insul-Therm International is a leader in the fabrication and distribution of insulation products for refrigeration and process systems. Our product offerings include TRYMER™, STYROFOAM™, SARAN™, Foamglas, Mylar, and many other lines.

Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc.

ICS is a system integrator working primarily in the industrial refrigeration sector. ICS provides turnkey solutions in engineering, specifications, control code, development, graphical interface, operation evaluation, and control panels.


For more than 20 years, International Specialty Engineered Lubricants (ISEL) has been manufacturing fluids for the ammonia refrigeration industry, including compressor lubricants, liquid transfer pump fluids and rust-prevention gels.


ISNetworld is a global online contractor management system for over 270 owner clients and 45,000 contractors/ suppliers, connecting corporations with safe reliable contractors.

Isotherm, Inc

Heat exchangers, chillers, condensers in shell-and-tube and plate-and-frame configurations. Pressure vessels and recirculator packages. Design and fabrication per ASME VIII Code. Special enhanced surface tubes for NH3 and CO2 applications. Titanium and Ti-Tec tubes for RSW applications. High pressure NH3/CO2 cascade condensers.

ITW Insulation Systems 

ITW Insulation Systems supplies TRYMER™ polyisocyanurate pipe insulation and XPS pipe insulation billets, former products of Dow Chemical Company. Additionally, ITW specializes in aluminum and stainless steel jacketing, sheets, and elbows.

Kathabar Dehumidification Systems 

Kathabar Dehumidification Systems, Inc. (KDS) is the most diverse dehumidification company in the worldoffering five (5) liquid desiccants and the silica gel desiccant wheel. Liquid desiccants reduce energy usage up to fifty percent by eliminating frost/ ice buildup on evaporator coils thus eliminating the defrost cycle completely. Kathabar designs and manufactures liquid desiccant and dry desiccant systems for a wide range of applications for industrial, commercial, institutional, and green/LEED facilities.

Krack Corporation

Krack Corporation offers a complete line of evaporators, condensing units, and condensers for your commercial refrigeration needs as well as engineered solutions for your industrial refrigeration projects.

Lanham Insulation, Inc.

For More than 30 years, Lanham Insulation has provided unparalleled quality and reliability in mechanical insulation services. From inception, our expertise and pursuit of excellence have earned us the trust and confidence of our customers. The Lanham team of industry-leading insulation professionals focuses exclusively on the complete success of each project, to ensure the highest levels of safety, quality, and efficiency. Our fundamental mission is to deliver complete satisfaction with superior quality and value.

Lanier Technical College

The Georgia Ammonia Refrigeration Program at Lanier Technical College is dedicated to providing the ammonia refrigeration industry with the best, state-of-the-art, hands-on, live system training in ammonia refrigeration system operation, maintenance, and support.

Logic Technologies, Inc. 

Logic Technologies, the industry’s foremost leader in factory automation and computer controls, provides turnkey, state-of-the-art automation systems for ammonia formulization and production, and is setting the standard for today’s automation.


Logix Refrigeration Energy Management Systems provide energy-efficient operation of refrigeration equipment with documented savings up to 40%. No other refrigeration energy management system is easier to use or more capable.


LUDECA, Inc., leading provider for Preventive, Predictive, and Corrective Maintenance Solutions including Laser Coupling Shaft Alignment and Belt Alignment tools; vibration analysis and balancing equipment; software, services, and training.

M&M Refrigeration,

M&M Refrigeration manufactures both reciprocating and rotary screw compressor packages, packaged refrigeration systems, pressure vessels, and microprocessor control systems

Marking Services, LLC

Marking Services is your partner for ammonia refrigeration pipe labels, valve tags and signage materials and services. In addition to the manufacture of identification products, we provide turnkey services for material installation and P&ID updates/creation.

McCormack Coil Company

McCormack Coil, a subsidiary of EVAPCO, is a manufacturer of a complete line of evaporator coils and specialty finned-tube heat transfer products for the ammonia refrigeration industry. Specializing in high quality aluminum construction, McCormack Coil Company catalogs over 35,000 standard fan/coil combinations to meet your industrial refrigeration application requirements.

MIRO Industries, Inc.

MIRO Industries, Inc. provides solutions for supporting rooftop pipe, conduit, duct and walkway systems that prevent damage to the roof membrane.

MRBraz and Associates, PLLC 

Industrial Refrigeration engineering for cold storage and food processing facilities. Our design approach is environmentally friendly and promotes energy efficiencies with highest center of safety to operate.

Multi-Wing America 

High efficiency low noise fan blades, diameters from 7 inches to 9 feet.

MYCOM (Mayekawa USA, Inc.) …… Booth #204, 206 The MYCOM TRUE Touch compressor control panel complements the industry leading efficiency of Mycom compressors and superior package design by offering features such as a user friendly touch screen interface, remote panel monitoring, and a USB interface.

Nantong Square Cold Chain Equipment Co, Lmtd

Leader in freezer manufacturing and refrigeration systems in China.

NIKKISO Pumps America

Canned motor seal-less pumps for ammonia refrigeration. Nomaco Insulation…… Booth #302, 304 Cryoflex insulation addresses the key concerns of the industrial refrigeration industry with exceptionally low water absorption and vapor permeability rates, Cryoflex acts as a second vapor barrier that helps prevent moisture penetration.

North Star Ice Equipment Corporation

The world leader in industrial ice equipment for over 60 years, North Star Ice Equipment manufactures premium, high capacity industrial flake ice makers and automatic ice storage and delivery equipment for a wide variety of applications. Products include stainless steel and carbon steel flake ice makers ranging in capacity from 5 to 58 tons per day, and storage systems ranging from 21 to 280 tons per unit.

Omega Thermo Products, LLC

Heat exchangers/evaporators, including falling film chillers, ice machines, cooling tables/conveyor, cooling jackets, and specialized cooling/cryogenic equipment.

Owens Corning 

From a leader in Fiberglas™ Pipe Insulation comes the new Owens Corning FOAMULAR® extruded polystyrene (XPS) fabrication billets. You now have a choice for your XPS pipe insulation requirements. Benefits include exceptional thermal efficiency, long service life, reduced overall installation costs and manufactured in the USA. All of this brought to you by the same trusted company you can count on for FOAMULAR® cold storage floor applications.


Parker Refrigerating Specialties manufactures both industrial and commercial refrigeration control valves, mechanical float switches, electronic liquid level controls, and industrial service valves. Additionally, Parker’s herl brand includes shut-off, expansion, hand check, safety, and overflow valves for all common refrigerants including ammonia and CO2.

Paul Mueller Company 

Paul Mueller will feature their falling film chiller, semi-welded plate and frame heat exchanger, brazed plate heat exchanger and heat recovery equipment.

Paulsen Pipe, LLC 

National carbon pipe distributor with a focus on the refrigeration market. Stocking low temp seamless, ERW, A106B/C, I.D. cleaning services, cut to length.

PermaTherm, Inc. 

PermaTherm is a premier manufacturer of pipe insulation, serving the ammonia refrigeration and cold chain industry for over 20 years. As a leading design manufacturer and supplier of rigid pipe insulation, PermaTherm has developed a complete pipe insulation system for the ammonia refrigeration industry with millions of linear feet of trouble-free pipe installed throughout the country. The PermaTherm pipe insulation system provides superior thermal performance and environmental attributes, while yielding tremendous savings at every phase of your project!

Petrochem Insulation

Petrochem is a nationwide specialty contractor with 39 years of experience in the field of refrigeration systems insulation. Additional services from our eleven regional offices are siding, scaffolding, coatings and abatement.

Phoenix Air Systems

Phoenix Air Systems is an experienced designer and manufacturer of critical process air management products. The company’s extensive product line includes: hygienic air handlers, desiccant dehumidification products, energy recovery units, make-up air handlers, penthouse refrigeration units, and related accessories. Phoenix Air Systems specializes in critical process air management for the food industry, but the company also has experience in a variety of industrial applications.

Polyguard Products, Inc. 

RG2400™ Corrosion Gel ZeroPerm™, Vapor Barrier, AlumaGuard™ Weather Barrier, ZeroPerm™ Ultra Vapor and Weather Barrier Membrane, RG2400™ CSA Structural Steel Corrosion Protection.

Process Compliance, Inc.

PCI specializes in compliance services for OSHA 1910.119 Process Safety Management and EPA 40 CFR Part 68. Five-year mechanical integrity, PHA, RMP, training, ultra-sonic thickness testing, and total PSM management.

Professional Rebuild & Optimal Services, LLC

PROfurbish (rebuild) screw compressors and gear boxes. All brands, makes, and models.

PSRG, Inc. 

Process safety and risk management; specializing in NH3 systems, full service OSHA/EPA compliance and EHS training. Quote Express …… Booth #313 Quote Express estimating software enables you to save time and maximize profits by automating your estimating process. Most estimators are trained in a single afternoon. With Quote Express, it’s easy to generate precise, reliable, and fast bids.

Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Magazine 

Refrigerated & Frozen Foods is the only publication dedicated to the fastest growing segment of the food-beverage industry – the value-added convenience chilled & frozen foods segment.

Refrigeration Systems Company (RSC)

Refrigeration Systems Co. (RSC) is celebrating 50 years, working nationwide in the cold storage construction and industrial refrigeration industry. Our experienced team of project engineers, service technicians, and installers are ready to assist you. Regardless of the project size, RSC is only a phone call away. Refrigeration Valves & Systems Corp.


RVS is a preferred supplier of innovative industrial refrigeration products including factory assembled, packaged recirculation systems and ASME pressure vessels of all types and sizes. RVS, a subsidiary of EVAPCO, is committed to providing superior technical support and the highest quality products with fast, on-time shipments to meet your construction schedule.

Republic Refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration system design, packaged refrigeration systems, equipment skids, pipe installation, refrigeration controls, control and power wiring, parts, service quality, integrity, and performance. We do it right the first time!


RETA exists to enhance the professional development of industrial refrigeration system operators and technicians through training and education events focused on safe and efficient operation.

RV Cooling Tech, S.L.

Manufacturers of screw compressor packages, compact chillers and auxiliary elements.

Sampson Community College

Sampson Community College is home to North Carolina’s only ammonia refrigeration program. This unique training facility provides prospective technicians the necessary skills required for the safe handling of ammonia in industries. The program offers a great balance of classroom instruction & laboratory experience.

Schneider Electric 

Schneider Electric manufactures industrial refrigeration solutions including AC motors, variable speed drivers, and system controls specifically designed for the industrial refrigeration market focused on control and energy efficiencies.

SCS Tracer Environmental 

Environmental engineering and consulting services focusing on PSM & RMP compliance for ammonia refrigerated facilities.

Select Technologies, Inc. 

Select Technologies, Inc. specializes in food plant equipment integration with ammonia refrigeration, process, HVAC, and product handling. Services include design-build-installation, production line relocations, mechanical, electrical, PLC automation, and IT integration.


Shecco is a market development company for natural refrigerants. Activities include ammonia21.com, ATMOsphere America and market research.

SmartWatt Energy

SmartWatt Energy is a leading provider of turnkey energy-efficiency solutions, specializing in the provision of comprehensive energy efficiency solutions for cold storage and food processing facilities.

Standard Xchange division of Xylem, Inc 

Semi-welded and brazed plate heat exchangers.


Stellar is a fully integrated firm focused on design, engineering, construction, and mechanical services worldwide. In addition to its Jacksonville, Florida headquarters, Stellar maintains more than 20 strategic technical support and refrigeration parts locations throughout the United States. For almost 25 years, Stellar has been the leader in designing, fabricating, installing and maintaining industry best ammonia refrigeration systems. Stellar also provides expert compressor rebuilding and remanufacturing services, safety compliance and PSM programs, condensation control, mechanical integrity, thermal services, automation and replacement parts.

Summit Industrial Products 

Summit Industrial Products manufactures ammonia compressor lubricants using various base fluids: from NSF-certified H1 PAOs to Alkylbenzene (AB), AB/ PAO, Polyglycol and API Group II fluids. Summit Products deliver value and cost benefits like thermal efficiency, increased reliability, reduced oil carryover, extended oil drains, and cleaner lubricating systems. NH3/CO2 cascade systems? Bring’em on! For lubricant-related technical expertise and used oil analysis support, let’s talk.

Summit Refrigeration Group

Summit Refrigeration Group is a full service, customer oriented, design/ build industrial refrigeration contracting company specializing in food processing plants, multi-temperature distribution centers and specialized process cooling. Summit provides services and contracting for customers nationwide.

Tanner Industries, Inc. 

Full service anhydrous ammonia distributor for ammonia refrigeration. Acknowledged for product quality and service dating back to 1890. Storage tanks pump-out services and safety training. Member NACD.

TechCold International 

TechCold International is on the cutting edge of energy saving industrial refrigeration control technology, with a proven track record of delivering control solutions for over 10 years on a global scale. By adopting an open infrastructure, non-proprietary approach to industrial refrigeration controls, TechCold International offers costeffective solutions helping organizations reduce energy consumption and increase profitability.

Teikoku USA

Teikoku is the world’s largest manufacturer of sealless, canned motor pumps, and the leading supplier of pumps to the refrigeration industry. Our highly reliable and easy to maintain pumps are perfect for pumping ammonia.


Temprite specializes in energy-efficient coalescent and conventional oil separators and refrigerant oil management products, including oil level controls and oil reservoirs, for all refrigerants from ammonia to CO2 (R744). TH.


WITT Kältemaschinenfabrik GmbH is a family owned company that has been dedicated to industrial refrigeration since 1896. We offer refrigeration contractors a reliable partnership with system solutions using high quality components, such as refrigerant pumps (with couple or hermetic canned motor), high side float regulators (a simple, mechanical and safe way to expand liquid refrigerant without need of high pressure receivers) and automatic oil return systems (a unique and simply operated design). For the European market we also produce entire pressure vessel units and therefore we are also a competent partner for solutions such as oil return, maximum level switch or pump protection. Our components are produced in Aachen, Germany, and exported all over the world.

Thermal Seal Duct Systems .

Refrigeration Duct work. Tranter 

Tranter is proud to showcase our expanded all welded plate heat exchangers featuring an oblong in tube unit such and a NH3/CO2 evaporator with separator.

VaCom Technologies 

VaCom Technologies provides integrated control solutions for industrial refrigeration systems, focusing on technologies for energy efficiency, system integration and performance monitoring to achieve reliable operation and enterprise connectivity.

Vahterus Oy 

As the inventors of Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger (PSHE) technology with an installed base of >32,000 exchangers, Vahterus PSHE have many benefits for advanced refrigeration applications.

Vilter Manufacturing, LLC 

Vilter manufactures industrial refrigeration reciprocating compressors, singe screw compressors, and twin screw compressors. The Vilter single screw’s low life-cycle costs and high reliability are backed by an exclusive 15-year bearing warranty.

Vogt Ice, LLC .

Vogt Ice manufactures Ice Makers, Ice Storage, Ice Delivery Systems, and Plate Water Chillers. The company is out of Louisville Kentucky, we have been manufacturing for more than 70 years.

VRTX Technologies 

VRTX is the Global technology leader in controlled Hydrodynamic Cavitation solutions. VRTX can lower the total cost to treat evaporative condensers with reliable and predictable water treatment. Wagner-Meinert, LLC Booth # 724 WAGNER-MEINERT, LLC is committed to exceeding expectations by providing complete customer satisfaction through uncompromised integrity and excellence in engineering, installation, service and training in refrigeration, food process and mechanical integrity.

Westermeyer Industries, Inc. 

Oil pots, level probes, accumulators.

Zero Zone, Inc. 

Zero Zone is refrigeration…from traditional DX and Edge™ Distributed Systems to Cold Loop Secondary Systems. Zero Zone provides custom tailored systems for retail refrigeration, industrial chillers, and cold storage facilities.