Energy and Sustainability

I often think about the myster of human thought. How something unseen and metaphysical can affect and alter things that are seen and physical. The old saying is certainly true, that “Ideas have consequences”. As an engineer I was taught that entropy (disorder) unavoidably increases in the universe according to the second law of thermodynamics. That over time things run down – which as someone who is now somewhat advanced in years I can certainly attest to! However, I also observe that by taking thought we can actually add order to things and to processes that were disordered. In fact, it is the unseen things that tell us how things can and ought to be.

By putting our heads together and using our collective creativity we can make our refrigeration systems more efficient, more reliable, safer, and more sustainable. This is part of the great and noble mission we share as members of IIAR.

Based on the results of the survey and its other findings, the Task Force recommended to the Board of Directors that IIAR proceed with the formation of a new Energy and Sustainability Committee. The Board then voted unanimously to do so. The next step in the process will involve a meeting for anyone interested in participating in the new committee at our next Annual Conference in Orlando, March 15-18 2020 (see: events/2020_conference/2020_annual_ conference.aspx?websitekey=74f03f30- 6d9c-441c-bac6-1800e2b0f023). If you are interested in participating in the new IIAR Energy and Sustainability Committee as a voting or corresponding member, please plan to attend this meeting. Time and place for the meeting will be announced shortly, so stay tuned.

Given the important role that energy efficiency plays in reducing the carbon footprint of our refrigeration systems, I and others in our organization have felt strongly for some time that IIAR needs to encourage and facilitate more focus on energy and sustainability. To that end, earlier this year I as your Chairman commissioned a Task Force to investigate the level of interest among our membership in the formation of a new standing Energy and Sustainability Committee. Our Past Chair, Mike Lynch, very kindly agreed to chair the Task Force and reported the results of a survey conducted recently to the Board of Directors at our October meeting. The results were interesting and gratifying. A few highlights from the survey and Mike’s report include:

  • 90% responded that energy costs impact on profitability were Moderate to Very High
  • 88% responded that their company had Average to Excellent insight into energy costs
  • 81% responded that their company had Moderate to Very High control over energy costs
  • 83% responded that their company had Moderate to Very High control over energy utilization
  • 91% responded that IIAR should form a Committee focused solely on energy efficiency within our industry