Conference Section

Welcome to Orlando and the 2016 IIAR Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Exhibition!

Special thanks to every company who provided important financial support for IIAR through their conference participation

The annual conference is an exciting time for all sectors of our industry to come together and catch up with friends and business partners at one of the largest conference and expo events dedicated to the use of natural refrigerants.

There is a lot going on this year, both in our business environment and within our organization, and this will be one of the best and most informative programs we’ve ever produced. I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome all attendees to the 2016 IIAR Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Exhibition. If this is your first conference we are so glad to have you with us.

If you are a long-time IIAR member who has attended before, welcome back! Orlando is an ideal place to learn about the latest equipment, products, services and technologies that our industry has to offer.

As always, the IIAR Technical Program is the core of the conference. The series of presentations will include rigorously peer reviewed technical paper presentations, experiential workshops, and interactive panels on topics ranging from global refrigerant trends to low charge ammonia systems.

The IIAR conference draws refrigeration professionals from all across the United States and increasingly from around the world.

And this international gathering of the key decisionmakers in our industry is the perfect opportunity to network and learn from colleagues from all corners of the globe.

This year, IIAR is celebrating the re-release of IIAR-2, the first comprehensive benchmark standard for the safe and efficient design of ammonia refrigeration systems.

Written specifically for code adoption, IIAR-2 is already influencing code formation. This is an important step that will open new possibilities for the use of ammonia, provide appropriate guidance for the regulatory agencies, and lay the foundation for the growth of this industry for years.

To prepare our membership for the big changes that IIAR-2 is sure to bring, we are introducing a special IIAR-2 educational program this year.

This one-of-a-kind condensed learning experience is designed to instruct attendees on the basic changes and issues that IIAR-2 now addresses for our industry. We’re fortunate to have our code experts and the creators of IIAR-2 share an overview of this landmark standard with our attendees during a special afternoon class.

I would like to thank each and every company who provided the important financial support for IIAR through their participation at this conference and to send a special thank you to all the companies that encourage and support the essential volunteer work of our members.

And of course, thanks also go out to our members whose participation and collaboration in exchanging information, experience and expertise make this conference such an incredible learning event – paper authors, workshop presenters and panel participants who develop the presentations are all an integral part of making this such a great conference.

Welcome to Orlando, and enjoy the conference!

Best Regards,

Walter Teeter

2016 Conference Chair