Conference Chair’s Message by Dave Malinauskas

Welcome to the 2022 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Exhibition! It’s the beginning of a new membership year for all of us at IIAR, and most importantly, it’s our first year “back” to normal in-person meetings. That means it’s time to meet new colleagues, network, and catch up with friends and business partners at our industry’s largest conference and expo event.

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about how this event, and especially your membership in this organization is making an important contribution to our everyday lives and the lives of others.

Making the world a safer place is IIAR’s first mission. We do that by addressing climate change through the promotion of natural refrigerants, looking for better ways to improve energy efficiency, and by developing safety standards and training programs that ensure the wider adoption and safe application of natural refrigerants.

Embracing the many applications of natural refrigerants means we’re making the environment safer for ourselves and our future generations. Another part of our mission is to extend the reach of natural refrigerants to all sorts of refrigeration applications. That’s a goal that our membership and our board are embracing, as evidenced by our focus on producing and maintaining safety standards for not only ammonia but now carbon dioxide and soon, hydrocarbons.

Our industry has a long record of safety to be proud of, and our standards activity is at the core of that. We’re making refrigeration facilities safer through the development of PSM, RMP programs, and the education and training that happens right here at our annual conference.

The work of our committees is the cornerstone of our organization and activities. I’d like to use this message to not only welcome you to this year’s conference but also to encourage you to find a committee whose work you can participate in and become passionate about.

That sense of volunteer leadership just keeps growing every year. If you’re a longtime IIAR member, welcome back. And if you’re new here, I hope you enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of your colleagues. Welcome to Savannah and enjoy the conference!

Best Regards,

Dave Malinauskas 2022 Conference Chair