Chairman’s Message by Mike Lynch

As I wind up my year as chairman of IIAR, I look back and see all the wonderful accomplishments that you – our members and committees have achieved, setting the stage for even more in the year ahead.

I am excited about the dedication of our incoming chair, Bruce Nelson, and the prospects for continued advancement of our industry and potential for expansion as we look at new opportunities offered by IIAR’s embracing of technological development and its potential for expansion. Bruce and our Board of Directors have a clear vision of what IIAR can do and where we would like to see it go in coming years, particularly in the broadening acceptance and applications of natural refrigerants.

Among IIAR’s significant accomplishments in the past year has been finalizing the curriculum for the Academy of Natural Refrigerants, which will help promote the safe and efficient operation of industrial refrigeration.

IIAR’s greatest asset is the vibrancy and engagement of its various committees. It has been encouraging to experience first-hand how well our committees are attended by volunteers and how active our membership is in advancing and supporting the work of IIAR’s committees.

Among the biggest achievements to come out of the past year’s Standards Committee work has been a new CO2 standard. The document has been finalized and approved, bringing it to the point where it can be sent out for its first public review. Meanwhile, the committee has also readied IIAR-6, our much-needed standard for end users on maintenance and inspection, which is close to its final version. These are two examples of the vital work that is being done by our committees.

IIAR-6 and the CO2 standard are probably the two standards that will be the most applicable to our industry and for end users in the years to come. The CO2 standard broadens the refrigeration community’s exposure to natural refrigerants, expanding our organization’s focus to encompass commercial applications for natural refrigerants – and expanding IIAR’s membership by becoming relevant to a new group of engineers, contractors and end users.

Now, because low charge systems and other technology developments are opening the door for natural refrigerants in so many traditional and new applications, our new CO2 standard is more important and timely than ever.

Another IIAR achievement I’m proud of this year is the Ammonia Refrigeration Low Charge Manual (ARM LC), which has just been voted on and approved by the IIAR board of directors, the result of so much time and effort at the committee level. As increasing numbers of end users are considering low-charge, more equipment engineers and manufacturers are designing and selling such systems. The manual will give much-welcomed guidance for operating low-charge systems.

Given the level of regulation our industry faces, many end users are reevaluating the PSM/RMP 10,000 pound regulatory threshold. Having this document available provides much needed guidance for selecting and operating systems under that threshold, and goes a long way in supporting our membership.

All of these achievements are really the result of the hard work and volunteerism of our members, who are IIAR’s greatest asset. I would like to thank everyone who has volunteered their time and committed themselves to participate – your effort is really starting to pay off.

I’d like to take this opportunity to call for your renewed membership, for your increased participation and leadership in IIAR’s committees and development of conference technical papers. Whether you get involved as a committee member or as a tech paper author, or in some other way, your involvement is what makes IIAR a great organization.

Our publications are second to none, addressing new trends and introducing new technologies, and you, as an IIAR member have the opportunity to contribute to them directly

You have an unparalleled opportunity to influence the policies, codes and standards that shape our industry. Our committees span all of these areas and beyond, and they all depend on your help and support. To that end, we’ll be focused once more on the work of our committees this year, especially in the regulatory arena, where we’ve continued to build relationships on behalf of our industry. As chair of IIAR, I have new-found respect for how important this work is, as well has how rewarding it can be.

This year’s Natural Refrigeration Conference and Expo, will feature for the first time a technical program track for the commercial refrigeration side of our industry. The development of the commercial refrigeration technical program has been a collaborative effort between IIAR and the NASRC, and we look forward to welcoming that new group to the meeting. The conference in Phoenix is a great place for members to start getting involved in what is a group effort. We invite and look forward to everyone’s participation and to Bruce Nelson’s leadership in the year to come.