Chairman’s Message by Mike Lynch

In this issue of the Condenser, you’ll find several stories focused on new regulatory changes, code updates and the work of our many IIAR committees to keep the standards, education, and outreach efforts of our industry current and relevant. These last three things: standards, education, and outreach, are perhaps the most important activities IIAR members conduct for each other and for the industrial refrigeration industry on the whole. And they are especially important during this time of rapid change, when regulatory developments as well as the evolution of new technology are shaping the business landscape for everyone.

IIAR is currently working to complete many new publications, and is more active than ever on regulatory issues, representing the rights of members and the operational challenges we deal with every day. And every day, we are taking leadership roles on the policies and procedures that govern how we will operate now, and in the future.

The rapid expansion of natural refrigerants into new markets, like food retail and commercial applications is a testament to how effective your organization has been at advocating for natural refrigerants and supporting their use.

As ammonia and CO2 are put into new environments with new technology, that advocacy and support is more important than ever before. Now is the time for anyone involved in our industry to volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise to strengthen these pursuits.

The best way to do that, of course, is to become an IIAR member if you aren’t one already, and to participate in IIAR’s technical programs and the activities of our committees.

One of the best opportunities to get involved is right around the corner, the 2019 IIAR Conference and Expo in Phoenix.

At this conference, your input and participation is especially important because the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council and IIAR are partnering to offer a new, expanded technical program and networking opportunity for NASRC’s food retail and commercial members.

NASRC is an environmental nonprofit taking action to advance natural refrigerants in order to shape a more sustainable future for refrigeration.

We’re excited to invite this new group of engineers, contractors and end users to learn about the application of natural refrigerants in their sectors, and I hope you’ll join me in extending an enthusiastic welcome.

As IIAR president Dave Rule mentions in his column in this Condenser issue, this conference will have a double track program. We’ll continue our usual focus on heavy industrial and traditional refrigeration systems. Meanwhile, the new program track will address engineering topics like food processing, retail and supermarket applications for natural refrigerants. Attendees will be able to select the tech papers, panels and workshops that enrich their own professional experience and learn about new areas that may be outside their operating environment.

In fact, one of the main goals for the 2019 conference is to bring together professionals from two traditionally separated markets, commercial and industrial, so that each group can learn from the other. IIAR is developing this upcoming conference with that goal in mind – to bring a broader educational experience to everyone.

As ammonia and CO2 move into commercial applications, your experience as an IIAR member will be invaluable. Sharing our educational information and resources is one of the best ways we can break down barriers to commercial adoption.

The 2019 conference will be the first time IIAR takes a formal role in helping contribute to the training, safety and education for everyone involved in this new sector.

As new technologies that use ammonia and CO2 expand, the new business opportunities for natural refrigerants in the commercial space will expand as well. And for those of us not working in those new markets, the wider use of ammonia and CO2 means that we will see a broader embrace of the training and educational resources that dene our industry as well as the advocacy that sustains it.

Our education program in Phoenix will feature a Sunday educational session focused on energy optimization.

And as always, the IIAR Expo hall will highlight the latest designs in cutting-edge commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment. With more than 150 exhibitors in attendance, the exhibition hall hosts product displays from the industry’s leading manufacturers and service providers.

One of the most important functions of our annual conference is to provide a place for our committees to review their work, set new yearly goals and new IIAR member volunteers.

As we close out 2018 and look forward to a new cycle of growth for our organization, I’d like to encourage you to explore our committee work and get involved. The projects our committees complete – from standards creation to safety guidelines to education initiatives are all the basic, vital activities that make a real difference in our regulatory and operating environment.