Chairman’s Message by Eric Johnston

We’re laying the groundwork for 2022’s return to an in-person annual conference and setting new agendas these days. And even though I’m well into my term as your IIAR Chairman, I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone – new and renewing members alike.

IIAR is embarking on several ambitious goals this year as your staff is busier than ever completing products and projects that move us closer to our strategic vision.

Although the pandemic kept us apart, IIAR’s 2020 and 2021 virtual shows have been two of our best conferences yet, and that is always due to the hard work and contributions of IIAR’s membership. It’s appropriate to take a minute – as we begin our membership renewal effort – and extend special thanks and appreciation to all who contributed their time and financial support to this year’s event.

If you didn’t already realize that we’re in the midst of IIAR membership renewal season, the success of our most recent conferences, even amid difficult circumstances, is a great reminder of how essential IIAR membership is to the leadership of our industry.

There are many challenges – and opportunities – facing our business environment. This year we’ve focused on the regulatory landscape, and examined the technology and best practices we’ll need to meet growing demand from so many new and traditional sectors.

Resolving some of the most complex scenarios we are facing will depend on the ability of IIAR’s membership to come together and continue to develop the resources and communicate the potential of new technologies. That’s something you can do now by finding ways to get, or stay, involved in the many activities of our organization.

I’d like to take this opportunity to call not only for your renewed membership but also for your increased participation and leadership in IIAR’s committees and the development of conference technical papers. Whether you get involved as a committee member or tech paper author, or in any other way, your involvement is what moves us forward.

Our publications are second to none, addressing new trends and introducing new technologies, and you, as an IIAR member, have the opportunity to contribute to them directly. You also have an opportunity, as a member, to expand your interaction with your peers, and influence the policies, codes, and standards that shape the way we do business. Our committees span all of these areas and beyond, and they all depend on your help and support in some form.

To that end, we’ll be focused once more on the work of our committees this year. And we’re continuing to grow as a resource for the educational and training materials that make our industry safe and enable the use of new natural refrigeration technologies. However you decide to get involved this year, I’m hoping you’ll see this IIAR membership renewal season a little differently, as a chance to dive into the work of your organization. We’re growing like never before, and I’m looking forward to working with you all in the year ahead.