Chairman’s Message

The end of summer is here, and that means it’s time to refocus our attention on important projects and get ready for the whirlwind of activity coming our way this fall.

For IIAR staff, committee, and volunteer members, that means building on the substantial work completed this summer on a variety of different initiatives.

You’ll read in this issue of the Condenser about two important research projects that have recently been completed.

Both projects are great examples of the real-life value of IIAR’s committee work in our industry. The IIAR Research Committee, like all IIAR committees is dedicated to solving real world problems, producing practical tools and advancing our understanding of our technology and operations in a way that makes what we do safer and more efficient.

These types of initiatives are projects that really are state of the art in terms of actual machinery and materials we use to put our systems together.

And in the same way that the Research Committee is dedicated to solving practical in-use problems, all of IIAR’s committees are working to find meaningful, actionable solutions to issues that impact the day-to-day operations of our industry.

Currently, a wide variety of committee members, volunteers, and consultants are involved in the update and release of IIAR’s Suite of Standards, and that wide variety of perspectives is helping ensure we create the best resource possible.

But it’s not just our Research and Standards Committees that are working hard on special projects.

The Safety Committee is working with the Ammonia Safety Training Institute (ASTI) to create a new ammonia safety video; the Education Committee is working on a variety of training materials and scholarship programs; the Marketing Committee is spreading the word about IIAR and the value it provides the industry. Meanwhile, the International Committee just finished our Santiago-Chile seminar and is very active in promoting ammonia refrigeration systems operation and safety with local government entities and associations. Finally, the Government Relations Committee (our newest committee) is creating new partnerships with government officials and spreading the word about the challenges and opportunities we face as an industry.

While each committee is focused on different initiatives, collectively they are making the world of ammonia and natural refrigerants safer by ensuring all of us have access to the best resources available.

As IIAR members, your involvement and input within this industry is the sole force that moves us all forward. Whether it’s testing new technology or new practices, increasing communication with regulatory agencies or developing cutting-edge resources like safety training and standards, we can’t do any of it without you.

Our committees are the spine of our organization. They are the work vehicles that move our ideas and initiatives from abstract goals into reality. At the same time, our Board officers and voting members bring so much vitality and substance to our organization.

If you are an IIAR member and have not yet had a chance to get involved in the work of your industry, I urge you to take a look at how your expertise might help an IIAR committee further its work goals.

Of course, behind the ongoing work of our membership, our staff at headquarters is always working to deliver new products and resources. Make sure to visit and interact with them as you have the opportunity to do so through committee meetings and our annual convention.

This year, I’m pleased to announce that we’re focused on improving and updating our handbooks, a process that will include a transition to electronic format to improve access to IIAR materials.

If you don’t already have a complete library of IIAR Publications in your office, now is a good time to make that a priority. They are an extensive resource of documented knowledge in our industry that we’ve produced over the years.

As an industry, our passion and dedication for what we do easily translates into the kind of “can do” attitude that affects real change in our world.

Your ongoing support makes all of our projects and opportunities possible. Thank you for continuing to enrich our industry with your collaboration, input, and knowledge. I’m looking forward to keeping you updated on the progress of these projects and initiatives, and the many others we have slated for the rest of the year.