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Foundation-Led Apprenticeship Program Takes Off

The International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration, in partnership with other industry leaders — including The Foundation, RETA, IIAR, GCCA, Lanier Technical College, and Fastport — has created an apprentice program for mechanics and technicians to help bolster the refrigeration workforce. The program is designed to train ammonia refrigeration technicians in all phases of their careers and combines well-developed on-thejob learning with related instruction.

The Refrigeration Engineers Technicians Association’s (RETA) leadership was instrumental in bringing the apprenticeship program to fruition. Not only is this an opportunity to strengthen the industry’s workforce, but it’s an exciting opportunity to strengthen relationships between these organizations.

It’s simple for employers to participate in the apprenticeship program. “The major paperwork element has been taken care of already,” says Dave Harrison, executive director of the national apprenticeship program for Fastport, said. “All you have to do to have a registered apprenticeship program is to fill out and sign the employer acceptance agreement saying you’re going to participate in the apprenticeship in a fair and equitable manner. Employers are required to submit their individual training processes they’ll use with apprentices, and although there are minimum training standards that must be met, there is no one-size-fits-all approach or specific requirements to participate in the program.

Although it was only announced recently, the Foundation is thrilled to announce that seven companies so far have begun implementing apprenticeships and several more have inquired for further information.

There are multiple benefits of implementing apprenticeship programs, and the process doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Dave Harrison, our subject matter expert, is ready to help the process. He can be reached at

Join Us in Welcoming Our Military Personnel and Veterans

On Tuesday, March 20, 2018, the Foundation will welcome and host military service members and veterans from the Colorado Springs area to the IIAR Conference and Expo. They will be briefed on the industry and learn about many exciting career opportunities that are available.

Volunteers from IIAR membership, who are also veterans, will act as “tour guides” for this group. The group will be met and escorted to the trade show floor by the tour guides where they will engage with exhibitors and attendees throughout the entirety of the conference. As part of the program, companies will have the opportunity to interview individuals from this group.

This personal touch is important. To further our mission of training transitioning military personnel, these individuals have to understand what the industry is, what the opportunities are and how they would fit. By inviting veterans to our conference and facilitating their involvement, they will have the opportunity to understand how a career in this industry would benefit them.

By attending the conference, these veterans and others will have the opportunity to interact with and learn about the most cuttingedge equipment, products, services and technologies available in the industry today. With over 1,900 industry professionals in attendance, this conference is the best opportunity to network with key decision makers from across the country and around the world. For more information on the conference, visit

The Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation Recognizes the Kahlert Foundation

The Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation is pleased to announce that The Kahlert Foundation, in an ongoing gesture of faith and support in the mission to address issues of talent development in the refrigeration industry, has given $125,000 to support military recruitment, training and hiring initiatives.

“The Foundation’s goal to recruit and train transitioning military and bring them into the refrigeration industry aligns with one of the areas of focus for the Kahlert Foundation,” Greg Kahlert, President of the Kahlert Foundation, said. “We want to expand our reach into this sector in the mid-Atlantic region, and by investing into the Foundation’s mission it allows us to do that.”

The Kahlert Foundations’ generous gift will be used to help fill the approximately 40,000 open positions in the refrigeration industry with our nation’s returning heroes. There is an immediate need to fill these positions, and many industry leaders have expressed they would like to hire veterans, but they are unsure of how to cut through the red tape to accomplish this goal.

Through the Foundation’s partnerships with various government agencies and with the support of groups like the Kahlert Foundation, we are now poised to recruit, train and hire qualified transitioning military personnel into our industry. It is the position of the Foundation that this effort not only makes sense, but it’s the right thing to do.

This investment has also allowed the Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation to partner with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring our Heroes program and to hold a seat on the prestigious Veterans Employment Advisory Council. Through this partnership, the Foundation will be sponsoring an upcoming Hiring Summit in Dover, Delaware on April 12, and another hiring event to be held in another city at a later date.

“With its support of Hiring Our Heroes, the Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation is taking its commitment to military families to the next level,” Eric Eversole, president of Hiring Our Heroes and vice president at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said. “The [Foundation’s] support will help us continue to bring free employment events and resources to veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses around the country.”

At this Summit, The Foundation – as the 501c3 for the industry – will be representing IIAR and other industry groups like RETA and GCCA. Volunteers are needed that can participate and speak about the variety of skill sets and opportunities. Please contact the Executive Director at Lois_Oconnor@NH3 for more information.

Foundation Welcomes Founders Scholarship Recipients

The Foundation is pleased to host three of our Founder’s Scholars at this year’s IIAR Conference and Expo in Colorado Springs, Rachel Sealover, James Schubert, and Connor Wheeler. These outstanding individuals are exemplary reflections of the skills and character we are trying to recruit into our industry. These Junior members will have an exciting opportunity to meet with industry professionals to discuss potential internships and career possibilities. Please take a moment to meet them during your time at the conference.

The Foundation awards scholarships to engineering students and annually develops a specific student track in coordination with the IIAR conference each year. Additionally, relationships are developed with academic institutions to include trade and technical programs in order to encourage the best skills for the refrigeration industry and demonstrate the many employment opportunities available.

Interested in learning more about this scholarship program? Applications are now open for the 2018 class, and the deadline for submitting materials is May 28. Please encourage colleagues, family, friends and interns to apply for this outstanding opportunity. More information can be found online at www.NH3