Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation UPDATE

ARF Needs Your Help!

One of the most important activities in the industrial refrigeration industry is the advancement of technology through research and education. The Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation is dedicated
to this goal, enabling IIAR to advocate for code and government policy changes which benefit the industry in design, construction and the operation of increasingly safer and more efficient systems.

Since its founding, ARF has awarded a number of scholarships and completed several significant research projects designed to answer critical questions related to making the refrigeration system safer and more efficient.

We recently introduced a new program that focuses on individual donations to ARF, to be used specifically for funding these projects.

The new annual fundraising program is designed to allow every corporate and individual stakeholder in our industry to make a 100 percent tax deductible donation to help underwrite the cost of ARF Research Projects.

The fund raising goal for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013 is to raise $50,000. This will only happen with a broad response from IIAR Corporate and Individual Members, such as you.

Please take a few minutes to review, complete and return the form below. Your investment in the refrigeration industry today will help ensure that systems designed with ammonia and other natural refrigerants will continue to be the best technical solution, in terms of safety, efficiency and environmental stewardship, to advance the global cold chain for generations to come.