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Conference Chair Message

Welcome to Orlando and the 2024 IIAR Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Heavy Equipment Expo! It’s time to network and catch up with friends at our industry’s largest conference and expo event. We have many new changes to announce this year, so I would like to take this opportunity to talk about how this event, and […]

Keynote Speaker – Scott Zimmer

SCOTT ZIMMER Scott has over 20 years of experience delivering keynote speeches to audiences around the world. During his career, Scott worked for one of the most  reputable generational consulting firms in the country, where he had the opportunity to travel to global Fortune 500 companies to help organizations bridge the generational gaps that can […]

2023-2024 BOD and Officers

  BOARD OF DIRECTORS   Jim Adler Hixson, Inc Engineer Mark Bazis, Jr. Refrigeration Consultants, Inc. Engineer Miguel Garrido Güntner U.S. LLC Manufacturer Maxime Girot Clauger Manufacturer Todd Jekel University of Wisconsin-Madison Academic Michael Lynch, United States Cold Storage End User David Blackhurst, Star Refrigeration Engineer Glen Heron, Tyson Foods Inc. End User Kurt Liebendorfer, […]


CO2 HANDBOOK Committee Chair: Wayne Borrowman, CIMCO Refrigeration – Developed and published consensus specifications and recommendations, in a manual, on all facets of a cascade refrigeration system using CO2 (R-744) on the low side and NH3 (R-717) on the high side and to further promote this method of refrigeration using these two natural refrigerants. Maintains […]

Technical presentation award winners

  URIAH DONALDSON IIAR is pleased to announce that the winner of our 2023 Award for Presentation Excellence is Uriah Donaldson, Resource Compliance, for his outstanding description of “The Cost of Non-Compliance: An Objective Analysis of Federal EPA’s Enforcement at Ammonia Facilities” at the 2023 IIAR Annual Conference in Long Beach, CA. The IIAR Award […]

Exhibitor Listings

Exhibit Hall Floorplan ACR Latinoamerica Magazine The number 1 magazine for Automation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration in Latin America. Airfoil Impellers Corporation Cast Aluminum fan blades, machine room exhaust fans, product cooler fans, blast freeze fans, and general ventilation fans. Airgas Specialty Products Airgas Specialty Products is the only nationwide supplier of ammonia products, pump-outs, […]


We are the Natural Refrigeration Foundation, the world’s leading resource for evidence-based science to support the most earth-friendly refrigerants, which will drastically reduce greenhouse gases. It’s Cool science.The Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit, education, research and training association dedicated to the natural refrigeration industry. Founded in 2006 by the membership of the International Institute of […]